One of the World's Marvels



The 2nd part of the Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends interview is out. The questions were collected from the fans from my blog so thank you so much for this! I was nervous since it’s my first time talking to the producer but it all turned well, at least I’ve managed to make him smile (or laugh) - I think the most important thing for an interview is to make the person (or people) you interview feel comfortable. Although I made some English mistakes here and there because I was really nervous but glad I did it okay. It’s all the experience that counts, right? I hope you enjoy watching this video!

Make sure you turn on the [CC] for subtitles.


Q: “If you could be a friend of any Dynasty Warriors character, who would it be?”

A: “Personally, my favorite character is Xiahou Dun. But that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for.”

Personally, I call that in good taste. Won’t spoil the character who is then mentioned instead. XD (Watch the whole interview though! Fun stuff.)